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Respecting the nuance of each of your words

Your concern

You would like the intent of your message to be accurately preserved

No doubt you would like the work at hand to reach the greatest possible number of readers.

But choosing the translator who is to accompany you on this road is not always easy. There are many questions that confront you as an author or intermediary of a text:

  • Will the translator be faithful to the original text?
  • Will he respect the intent of the words?
  • Will he treat the text with the same love and care as I do?
  • Will he be able to adapt the words so that the work functions well in another language?

In addition, it is likely that you don’t know the language into which you want to translate your work. So you are placing your full confidence in the translator to get your message across with the same degree of decorum and involvement that you have used. And thus make the text resonate in the target language with the same force as it does in the original language.

My solution

I will flawlessly transfer your ideas into my mother tongue

I offer you all my experience to fulfill your needs. I would like us, together, to succeed in finding new destinations for your works and writings.

When I get involved in a project, I use my know-how to translate your words into my mother tongue, i.e. Spanish. I always preserve the relevance, the connotations, the sense, the style, the emotions, and the intention of the original text. In that way I respond satisfactorily to the project’s specifications.

My love of translating and the great respect I have for your work enable me to safely carry your texts from one shore to the other, without your nuances and senses ending up adrift on the deep sea of languages.


What do you need help with?

  • Literary translations

    I will translate your novel, essay, story, poems, etc. into Spanish respecting the emotions, intentions, nuances, and rhythms which are the fruits of your creation.

  • Biblical translations

    I will convert into Spanish your writings, communications, testimonials, and Christian hymns while safeguarding the purpose and scope of God’s Word.

  • Patent translations

    Invention patents, technical and scientific patents, utility models, intellectual property documentation, etc.

  • Specialized technical translations

    Technical manuals, user guides, technical reports, instructions for the use of products and services, technical specifications, etc.

  • Economic and financial translations

    Income statements, economic reports, corporate documents, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, etc.

  • Legal translations

    Contractual documentation, court rulings, wills, powers of attorney, insurance policies, articles of association, etc.

All my services are supported by my career as a professional translator since 2012 and the corresponding training I received at the Pablo de Olavide University, the University of Cologne, and the University of Leipzig. If you need help with the translation of your documents, please contact me for a free assessment.


Works that have travelled to new destinations

These are some of the biblical and literary works, as well as other projects, which have passed through my hands and successfully reached Spanish-speaking audiences.

  • Un hobbit, un armario y una Gran Guerra

    Joseph Loconte
  • THE END: El Nuevo Mundo

    G. Michael Hopf
  • 900 MILLAS

    S. Johnathan Davis
  • La Biblia de Wiedmann

    Willy Wiedmann
  • Nuestro enemigo, el Estado

    Albert Jay Nock
  • Las criptas del Edén

    Rick Jones
  • Finis Germania

    Rolf Peter Sieferle
  • El Estado. Su historia y evolución desde un punto de vista sociológico

    Franz Oppenheimer
  • Literatura y Economía de la libertad

    Paul A. Cantor & Stephen Cox (eds.)
  • Nuevos caminos para la economía austriaca

    Louis M. Spadaro
  • Escritos sobre la muralla: Benjamin, Kafka, Borges y el imaginario chino

    452ºF. Magazine on Literature Theory and Comparative Literature

But also...

  • Official statements

    Translation DE > ES of statements from the German Central Federal Tax Office

  • Translation and post-editing of web content

    Translation and post-editing of contents EN > ES and DE > ES for Amazon’s product sales and positioning strategy

  • Gas project report

    Translation EN > ES of the descriptive report of the del Plata LNG project – reception and regasification terminal

  • Bible commentaries

    Translation EN > ES of Bible commentaries (Numbers, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, etc.)

  • Personal and proprietary financial information

    Economic- financial translation EN > ES and DE > ES for financial consulting agency

  • Invention patents

    Translation of technical patents DE > ES regarding mechanical and industrial engineering

  • Online shop catalogue

    Translation EN > ES and localization of website and catalogue

  • Legal documents

    Translation DE > ES and EN > ES of powers of attorney and wills

Let them tell you about it

What my clients say about my work

  • P. Ignacio Villar S.J.

    Parish vicar in the Parish of Holy Martyrs (Society of Jesus)

    “I would greatly recommend Mr. Juan Manuel Baquero Vázquez, who I know personally and consider a person with the qualities, initiative, and ingenuity required to overcome any obstacles. His knowledge of languages and training as a translator also come to the fore in the good relations he has with his peers. I can confirm and attest to his good skills and personal and professional predisposition.”

  • Javier Suárez

    CEO & Founder at Tradupla

    “Over the last years, Juan Manuel has been working for Tradupla as an English-Spanish and a German-Spanish Patent translator. He is very rigorous regarding deadlines and his work is of an exceptional quality. Juan Manuel meets all requirements regarding the format of patent applications. Patent translation is a highly specific field. His work is impeccable, and his service is simply top notch. I am very happy about our successful work together!”

Hello, I am Juanma Baquero

These are the reasons why we should start working together

This is me, I’m passionate about reading, an interest I have pursued since the early years of my adolescence…

During my early upbringing, my love of literature made me embark on the study of The Gallic War in Latin and of Aesop’s fables in ancient Greek, works which gave me my first taste of the delights of translation, an art and craft that captivated me from the first moment.

The taste for literature and languages kindled my passion for the linguistic bridges between cultures, a passion which later pointed me towards Kalix, Sweden, a small fishing village close to the Arctic circle where, at the age of 14, I learned the importance of mastering the language of Shakespeare.

Later I had the opportunity to live with a French family in Pierrelatte, another small village which didn’t take long to impregnate my personality with the character of its landscapes and people. At the end of my school years I already had a clear idea of my vocation: I wanted to be a translator!

My passion for languages made me abandon my village to go into the hustle and bustle of the city and study translation and interpreting. This training made me go one step further and travel to Germany to study at the University of Cologne, at the Department of Applied Linguistics of the University of Leipzig… and later in Rinteln, a enchanting little village on the outskirts of Hanover.

All these journeys and experiences as a translator helped me acquire my own vision of the craft.

With the desire to give back all that these languages had done for me, I returned once more to my village. Here, I work with enthusiasm to make all my knowledge and experiences available to my clients, with the intention of finding new destinations for their words.

  • Michael Yurchuk

    “At all times, I have found Juan to be highly professional, dependable, punctual, hard-working and courteous. His translation and editing skills are truly amazing. He has worked for me both as a translator and editor in different projects and on various topics including but not limited to religion, Christianity, Jewish culture, history, etc. All my clients have rated his work 10 out of 10, and deeply admired his attention to details. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your English-Spanish translation/editing needs, look no further as Juan is the right person to work with.”

  • Irene Moreno Núñez

    Director of the Translation Department at Wordwire Language Services

    “The experience we have had with Juan Manuel during this year of collaboration has been very satisfactory. Juan Manuel has proved to be very professional and serious in terms of dates of delivery, following instructions, etc. We are very happy with the quality he offers.”

  • Cristóbal Fernández

    Project Manager at Dixit

    “Whenever we have used the services of Juan M. Baquero Vazquez, he has demonstrated professionalism and involvement in the assigned projects. Moreover, he has always respected delivery dates, so important in the professional translation industry, and has done everything in his power to satisfy both our needs and those of the end customer. There is no doubt that we will continue to rely on the services of a professional like Juan Manuel”.

  • Emilia C.

    Worker at The Overcoming Church

    “We and our sister church, the Church of Almighty God, will appreciate to hire Juan Manuel Baquero Vázquez’ service again and recommend him as a Translator/Editor who respects the Word of God and who wants to spread it so that others can eat and drink them and know God. It is very nice to work with Juan Manuel because he always delivers the work before the deadline and focuses on quality and excellence. He is a serious and responsible translation services provider.”


Tell me about your project

Now that you know what I can do for you, I will be happy to put all my knowledge at your disposal in order to create new contexts for your message.

I'm all ears

Please fill out the inquiry form and I will answer you within a maximum of 24 hours on business days. You can also contact me…

  • by phone on (+34) 650 283 996
  • by e-mail to info [at] juanmabaquero.com